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Regent Investment Management and its founding firm and principals have supported the capital growth of individuals, retirement plans, and foundations since 1990. Our Team is experienced, we provide highly personalized service, and we are local – our clients know and interact with the manager who is investing their money.

As of December 31, 2019, we manage over $400 million in assets in three strategies:

  • All Cap Core Strategy - We believe it is critical to identify the long-term investment themes governing the equity markets. We manage each of our client accounts individually, and within the construct of your objectives, we invest your portfolio to benefit from these themes.

  • Tax–Managed strategy - Similar to our All Cap Core strategy but with some tactical differences, our Tax-Managed strategy focuses on our long-term investment themes, buying great companies at attractive prices, and selling prudently based on valuation, fundamentals, and tax management. We also sell-short stocks that we view unfavorably and use options to enhance our returns.

  • Momentum strategy - Our Momentum strategy employs a quantitative, price momentum based model for sectors and indexes developed by Marty McClelland. The objective is to achieve attractive rates of return while controlling risk. This model was originally developed based on seven years of market data from 1990 through 1996, and it has been continuously refined and managed since 1997.

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